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Miami Beach Holistic Addiction Treatment Center


At Miami Beach Holistic Addiction Treatment Center, we provide personalized individual treatment programs tailor made to suit each patient and their unique situation. Personalized individual treatment program will also include an array of soothing and entertaining activities such as trips to the beach, gym sessions, massage services, and nutritional assessments.

Meet the Team

Thomas Dean

Thomas Dean, MS
COO Chief Operations Officer

Tom combines his business acumen with his clinical skills to bring a unique skill set to MBHATC. Tom owned and operated his own construction business for 20 years in South Florida, working on some of the biggest residential projects in the region. Through his own experience with addiction and long term recovery, Tom changed careers in 2010, and is passionate about carrying the message of hope to others. Tom has over 6 years of clinical and operational experience at Florida’s leading substance abuse treatment centers. He is currently Executive Director at MBHATC, and has overseen the startup of addiction treatment centers in Boston, MA and Miramar, Fl. Tom received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from FIU, earning Magna Cum Laude, and being elected to the Nation’s top honor society, Phi Beta Kappa. As an undergraduate, Tom managed the Cognition Lab, and later finished his Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at FIU.


Lenny Horowitz
Executive Director of Admissions

Leonard Horowitz is the Executive Director of Admissions. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Florida Atlantic University .His background for the last 15 years is running Call Centers, most recently admissions. Leonard brings a great balance of education and compassion to MBHATC. The driving force behind his ambitions is helping individuals struggling with addiction His client-first approach to the admissions process, leaves a lasting impression on those that he and the admissions team helps. Representing our program honestly, allows clients to feel comfortable and confident that they have made the right choice for their recovery. He enjoys the opportunity to be able to help others start the process of recovery and enter into this highly successful model of treatment.

Kimberly Cramer

Kimberly Cramer, LCSW
Clinical Director

Kimberly is a licensed clinical social worker that has experience working with families and individuals, in the addiction, trauma and mental health field. She has worked with addictions and co-occurring disorders in state, court ordered, community, and private environments at all levels of care. She has seen the effects of addiction on a mezzo, macro and micro level and is dedicated to use her experiences to facilitate recovery in the addiction population. Kimberly believes it is imperative to bring education, hope and motivation to the addiction community. She provides an empathetic, individualized, and self-motivating approach to facilitate her team in guiding clients through the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual strain that can be experienced during the detoxification process.

Evan Sargent

Evan Sargent, LMHC
Clinical Supervisor

Evan obtained Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Hospitality Management in 2002 from the University of Delaware. After over a decade of service in the culinary industry, Evan returned to the world of academia in 2012 to obtain a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Florida International University. Evan is currently licensed in the state of Florida for mental health counseling. He has extensive experience in treating people with substance use and co-occurring disorders, including PTSD, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, eating disorders, bipolar disorder, and personality disorders. As a member of the recovery community, Evan has shared his own experiences with active addiction and recovery in treatment centers and 12-step rooms across south Florida. In his spare time, Evan enjoys cooking, playing the ukulele and studying Buddhist practices.


Peter Tolosky
Director of Operations

Pete is the Program Supervisor and Intervention Specialist at MBHATC, a position which allows him to use both is operational and clinical experience in the recovery field to help our clients build a strong foundation for their long-term sobriety. His ten years of experience in the education field, teaching everything from 8th grade students to inmates at a maximum security prison, show his ability to connect meaningfully with people from all walks of life. After completing treatment for his own substance abuse problems in 2013, Peter has dedicated himself to helping other addicts, “Get out of their own way so that can live the better life that they deserve,” and is passionate about encouraging people in recovery to give themselves the chance to watch their lives get better.
Peter stresses the importance of building a life that the addict no longer wants to escape from in all areas, not just in recovery. Balance is a concept that is important to him, so when he’s not working in beautiful Miami Beach, he enjoys traveling (usually to see live music or art), hiking, reading, writing, adventuring outdoors, and is having as many meaningful (or at least entertaining) conversations as possible along the way.

Robert L. Berry

Robert L. Berry, MSW
Primary Therapist

Robert obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Barry University in Liberal Studies in 2012. He then received his Master of Social Work from Barry University in 2014. He has worked in the Substance abuse field for 16 years. He is an 8 degree blackbelt in Goju Karate. Robert served as a teen counselor for the YMCA for 8 years. He has also served a BHT lead supervisor for 2 years. During that time, Robert has gained a valuable experience dealing with the recovery community. Robert has served as a client liaison in the past. His approach to therapy is client centered placing the client’s needs first. Robert’s educational accomplishments are supported by his extensive history of 16 years in recovery.


Eric Calaforra
Primary Therapist

Eric Calaforra completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Science in Psychology from Florida International University. He is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in the State of Florida working towards full licensure. Prior to joining the mental health profession, Eric was a dedicated professional in the hospitality and tourism industry for over 21 years. His counseling experience includes work in community, families, young adults, adolescents, and children. He is devoted to providing a non-judgmental and safe space so clients can discover and express themselves freely on their journey to recovery and unlimited possibilities. Eric is a grateful member of South Florida’s 12-step recovery community and spends his free time helping others in the recovery communities of southern Florida.


Mauricio Vargas, MSW, CAP, CMHP, RAS, CAAP
Primary Therapist

Mauricio has been working in the addiction/mental health field for over 26 years, working with inmates, drug court, Native Americans, forensic, incompetent to proceed trial, guilty by reason of insanity, psychiatric, co-occurring and homeless populations. He has worked with people of all ages, including children, adolescents, young adults, adults and elders at private and state funded short and long term residential facilities. Mauricio has a sincere passion for what he does, and has dedicated his career to helping others while also increasing awareness and public recognition of alcoholism and chemical dependency as diseases that are progressive, incurable and fatal, if not treated.
He considers his patients an inspiration and treats them with compassion, dignity, respect, and hope, so that they can learn to live without the use of alcohol and/or other mood altering substances. As a primary therapist at MBHATC, Mauricio continues to confront the disease of addiction and treat the suffering alcoholic and addict with love, while being an agent of forgiveness and while providing them with the ability to make better choices so they can improve the quality of their lives.

Valorie Riley-Berry

Valorie Riley-Berry, MSW, MLS, HRM, and MPS, PHA
Admissions/Intake/Case Management

Valorie obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from Florida State University in 1992. She obtained her Master of Social Work from Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis in 1994. She also holds 2 other Masters’ degrees. Valorie has worked in various social services agencies throughout her career. She has worked in mental health and substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, hospice, and home health. Valorie believes in helping people to resolve their issues and has a commitment and dedication to the field of Social Work.

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