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Miami Beach Holistic Addiction Treatment Center

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) / Day & Night Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) offers our patients the highest level of medical and clinical care as well as state of the art housing during the course of treatment. Our goal is to provide a treatment plan based on the individual patient’s medical and clinical needs. We offer comprehensive, therapeutically intensive and structured addiction rehabilitation services to addicts and alcoholics from all different walks of life.

We strive to create a positive atmosphere backed by a strong undertone of love and 12-step based recovery, as well as promoting a mind-body, and soul approach to sobriety. We believe addiction to be a three-part illness; body, mind, and spirit. We have neglected our bodies, we have become ‘spiritually bankrupt’, and the most blatant manifestation a very real physical and mental addiction.

We recognize the baffling nature and power of addiction. We believe that excessive drug and alcohol abuse is merely a side effect of addiction; a solution, if you will, used to cope with much larger, sometimes subconscious issues. It is these underlying causes and conditions in which we wish to explore and process with our patients.

Throughout the course of PHP treatment, patients will be challenged by their peers and therapists and encouraged to participate in vocalizing past experiences that they may have not processed until this point. With the help of multiple private therapy sessions per week, every client will execute an individualized treatment plan, tailor made to address their specific needs, concerns, and lifestyle.

During active addiction, there is no telling how much shame, guilt, and fear we carry around with us on a daily basis. In more cases than not, it is these driving emotions that (unknowingly) push us to continue this cycle of using drugs and alcohol. Our hope is that our clients learn to identify and confront these emotions in order to break free from the patterns of thinking they had become entangled in.

We take pride in offering a large variety of services to benefit our clients from a clinical and medical stand point, such as:

  • JCAHO accredited state of the art clinical and housing facilities.
  • Master level therapists and psychiatrists on staff providing private sessions 2-3 times per week.
  • A variety of therapies including CBT Therapy, Sound Therapy, Grief and Trauma processing groups, Relapse Prevention, EMDR Therapy…etc.
  • Nutritional guidance from our on-staff nutritionist.
  • State of the art holistic treatment modalities including: massage therapy, chiropractic limb stimulation, bio-feedback bed, acupuncture, yoga, sound healing, etc.
  • Daily gym access and in-house Tai Chi.
  • Weekend activities (movies, bowling, museums, art walks, beach, fishing, etc.)

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